Most modern commercial fishing operations utilize large nets, traps, or long-lines to catch a targeted species.
However, these types of gear almost always inadvertently catch non-targeted species as well.
This “by-catch” is usually thrown back into the ocean dead or dying.
It is a sad waste of life and detrimental to the ocean ecosystem.

The Near-Shore ‘Live’ Rockfish, Sea Urchin and Sea Cucumber fisheries that we participate in however, can be proud to boast of little to no by-catch!
And what little by-catch we do get, can almost always be safely released alive.
The rockfish are caught by ‘hook and line’ using a special type of ‘circle’ hook that prevents the fish from swallowing said hook, allowing under-sized fish to be released unharmed.
The Sea Urchins and Sea Cucumbers are hand-harvested underwater by diving via a ‘hookah’ hose, so you can rest assured that each and every one is carefully plucked one at a time, and no under-sized or non-targeted species are ever even hauled up from their watery haunts!


All of the fisheries we participate in are strictly regulated and carefully managed by the government.
Limited entry permits, seasonal closures, minimum size limits, ‘quotas’ or poundage allotments, and gear restrictions are only some of the management measures in place to ensure that the resources we harvest remain stable over time.
At Paradise Cove Seafood, we care about the critters we catch, because we want to keep catching them again and again!
We have specifically chosen to participate in fisheries that are small-scale, low-impact, and intensely regulated so that we can treat our products with the care and respect they deserve.
We are confident that future generations of fishermen following in our footsteps will continue to enjoy the great catches and the unique lifestyle we are so proud of!

Fuel Efficiency

Recognizing that most commercial fishing boats use big gasoline or diesel engines to steam out to the harvesting grounds, we decided to reduce our carbon footprint by building the smallest and most fuel-efficient boat around!
Designed in Mexico, our Panga boat, the F/V Jolly Rancher, is in fact, the same style boat used by thrifty fisherman throughout the developing world.
Its unique design gives us the performance we need with a much smaller size and price of operation.
Whereas the conventional fishing boat uses 1 or 2 motors of 300-600 horsepower each, ours scoots out to the same grounds on a mere 70 horsepower.
We burn less fuel, so we can focus less on quantity, and more on QUALITY

—which is what Paradise Cove Seafood is all about—PREMIUM SEAFOOD!