Shallow Water Rockfish

The California Coastline is home to 19 distinct species of what are known as ‘nearshore rockfish’.
Because these critters make their homes exclusively in very shallow water, amongst the rocks, waves, and kelp forests, they are especially hardy.
And unlike most rockfish species, which live in very deep water and cannot be brought to the surface because they suffer from the equivalent of ‘the bends’ or ‘decompression sickness’, the fish we catch can be kept alive and well in above-deck tanks. 

Aboard our boat the F/V Jolly Rancher, we specialize in harvesting these fish from the most pristine waters in all of California—the rock-strewn, wind-swept, and downright magical ‘Central Coast’—the area between Point Conception and Point Sur.
In fact, if you drive up highway one through Big Sur on a clear day, you might see us dodging and weaving through the boiler rocks and pinnacles as we work to pluck these elite fish out of the cracks and crevices they call home.
It’s a lot of work, and it’s very risky, but it can be a downright exhilarating experience! 

So, if you insist on having the freshest, best-tasting fish that money can buy—look no further!

We regularly deliver these fish to the dock alive and flapping where they are whisked off in aerated tanks to high-end restaurants and markets in San Francisco and Los Angeles for the ultimate dining experience.

If this sounds like a culinary experience you don’t want to miss out on, arrange to meet us at the dock in Morro Bay one day to get your hands on the freshest fish that the ocean can deliver!