With its sweet, buttery, melt in your mouth ocean flavor, sea urchin provides a hint of luxury in both haute cuisine and everyday dishes.
Check out some of these great sea urchin recipes from some wonderful food bloggers around the web.
Also, see the articles explaining how to clean and prepare a whole, live sea urchin as well as judge the quality of your urchin.

Sea Urchin Pasta Dang That's Delicious

Sea Urchin Pasta

Though many people think of Sea Urchin as a Japanese food mostly found in sushi, Italian cuisine also prizes these ricci di mare

This elegant pasta dish from Donna Dang at Dang That’s Delicious, honors the Italian tradition of highlighting and celebrating the star ingredient–Sea Urchin!

Sea Urchin Bruschetta Recipe Uni

Sea Urchin Bruschetta

This simple appetizer recipe uses few ingredients but is sure to make an impression at your next dinner party or holiday gathering.

Ventura Sea Urchin Uni for Sale

How to Clean and Prepare Sea Urchin

This LA Times article shows the correct way to clean and prepare sea urchin.

Uni Sea Urchin Sushi Diver Caught Ventura

Growing Popularity of Uni 

This is a GREAT article from The Food Fashionista, Mika Takeuchi, about the emerging popularity of sea urchins on both the American food scene at large and also on our own local food scene right here in Southern California.